Art Prints to compliment Your Home

Discover HAY’s Cat prints, meticulously designed on premium matte stock paper. These captivating prints showcase a clever, whimsical design by renowned US-based illustrator and toy designer Glen Hay. Each print works well alone, as part of a set, or as a charming addition to a gallery wall. Personally inspected, signed, and carefully packaged, these prints are a delightful and versatile choice for your space.

Whether displayed individually, as a set or as part of a gallery wall, all HAY artwork features crisp, dense black silhouettes.

Each print is personally signed by Glen Hay, making it a unique piece of art.


DIMENSIONS:  All Prints are standard 8 x 10 inches and come with chipboard backing in a poly bag sleeve.

Bath Time Cat Print
Peeking Cat Print
Lawn Cat Print
Kitten Cat Print
Monstera Cat Print
Saber Tooth Cat Print
Peeking Cat Print
Head Tilt Cat Print
i Believe i Can Fly Cat Print
Trampoline Cat Print
Catnip Cat Print
Yarn Ball Cat Print
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