HAY MADE CATS: Thoughtfully Crafted Wares Celebrating the Playful Adventures and Whimsical Charm of Cats in Captivating Silhouette Form.

Glen Hay: The Heart of HAY MADE CATS

At the heart of Hay Made Cats lies artist and illustrator Glen Hay, whose creativity blossomed during his tenure as a staff artist for the esteemed Jim Henson Company. With a specialization in playful design, Glen’s work embodies a joyful and lighthearted approach to art. His greatest ambition is to use art as a means to bring a smile to others.


HAY’s debut homeware collection of prints and ceramics draws inspiration from the essence of simple, playful, and clever design. Our goal is to strike a balance between minimalism and storytelling, as Steve Jobs once noted, ‘Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple.’ Explore our collection for beautifully curated prints and ceramics that embody the beauty of simplicity.

Glen’s Artistic Journey: Toys to Cats

Glen’s artistic journey commenced at the age of 18 with the creation of ‘Edna,’ a comic strip inspired by his two grandmothers. Fueled by his passion for design, he pursued further studies at the Kubert School and soon found himself honing his skills as a freelance artist in the vibrant city of New York. Throughout his career, Glen has been captivated by the expressive power of simplicity found in both nature and popular culture.

His remarkable talent captured the attention of the Jim Henson Company, where Glen immersed himself in independent design and traditional craftsmanship. He later served as an Art Director for the Jim Henson Products division and, subsequently, joined the Sesame Street crew where he began designing toys and collaborating with beloved characters, gaining invaluable insights into European markets.

In a pivotal move, Glen transitioned to the Toys R Us company, assuming the role of Senior Toy Designer for brands like Imaginarium and Bruin. Notably, Glen’s expertise shone through when he spearheaded the design for Toys R Us’ ‘Most Profitable Toy for the Year,’ triumphing over industry giants such as Lego, Hasbro, and Mattel.

zooModern: Crafted Toys

As Toys R Us bid farewell, Glen embarked on a new venture, creating his own brand called zooModern. Within this line of wooden animals and toys, he instilled the belief that acquiring a toy should be a delightful and affordable experience. Glen meticulously designs and hand carves one-of-a-kind creatures for adults, as well as crafts safe, child-friendly toys for children. He also collaborates closely with educators to ensure that learning remains at the core of every fun experience.

“I create playful objects for all ages, including small-batch toys, wood-carved animals, hand-sewn mice, and illustrated feline art. Some items are stitched or carved by me, while others are screen printed or printed elsewhere for my greeting cards. All of my items for kids adhere to CSPS safety guidelines and undergo rigorous safety testing. With over 25 years of experience as a Senior Toy Designer, I now offer my own sustainable wooden animals and other unique gifts through zooModern Toys. My designs are crafted to inspire children, and I primarily work with wooden materials due to my color deficiency.”

At Hay Made Cats, we aim to express the joyful connection art provides through the world of cats. We are grateful for the connections we’ve forged and eagerly anticipate the continued growth of our new brand in the world of those gentle, zen-like feline creatures. Join us on this journey as we celebrate the enchanting spirit of cats and revel in the cheeky joy they bring.

Hay Made Cats: Celebrating the Joy of a Cat

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